programming on request

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Software application

The software that you find on this site were created at the request of previous visitors.

If one or more options fail you, feel free to request changes. If they are in the realm of reasonableness, the software will be changed free.

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Low prices

Because the value is not a guarantee of quality, because the goal is the pleasure of development, all software available on this site are free trials, all options enabled, for a month.

After this month of testing, if you adopt the software, licenses vary from 5 to 30 euros.

Craftsman or SME

You have a specific need special software?
Do not hesitate to contact me, supporting invoice and guaranteed low prices (possibility of having the exclusivity of your software).
I also guarantee the monitoring, evolution and course correction Bugges possible even after several years (conges, for example, works since 2004).
Guaranteed response within 48 hours.

The program of your dreams

You will not find anywhere the software specified is not found, your dreams? I am at your disposal for the development and operation layout YOUR software
Use the application form by sending a quick description of your wish.
Guaranteed response within 48 hours.
The license is available to the applicant and placed for download on the site shareware and freeware mode.

The software under development... ...that you will quickly find in download here...
  • le facturier : Follow-up of clienteles, sales and invoices
  • Postecran : Post-it on your screen, movable, modifiable, disposable
  • Boitatout : Of the customer card in the invoicing of the suppliers
  • Banque : Management of one or several bank accounts
  • Top five

    Organiscan : File management PDF

    Conges : Staff management

    Tempstrav : Tracking hours worked

    Fourbur : Office supplies

    Bible : The Catholic Bible


    Organiscan :

    Chut :

    Collectapiece : For numismatists

    Locagite : Renter

    Notefrais : Expense